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Nurit 2085 Credit Card Machine

Nurit 2085
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The NURIT 2085 is a reliable and easy-to-use POS that enables fast and secure card payment processing. Ideal for small & medium-sized businesses, the terminal supports credit, debit, smart cards, and EBT. The low cost unit integrates a telephone line modem and a fast, quiet printer. It can be easily fitted with internal PIN Pad, EMV smart card reader, and up to four SAMs, and can be used either as a countertop or wall-mounted POS terminal.



  • Department Stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Discount Outlets
  • Cinema & Theater
  • Restaurants



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Features and Benefits

With an ever-growing number of payment options and payment processing solutions, you have many terminals to choose from. Your decisions should be based on sensible factors, such as cost, functionality, ease of use, and reliability.

Selecting the right terminal helps you cut down on costly downtime and frustrating malfunctions. You also benefit by getting rid of technical support issues related to problematic terminals. For these reasons, many merchants trust Nurit point-of-sale terminals. Nurit terminals provide user-friendly functions and superior reliability.

Nurit 2085 Terminal

This compact point-of-sale (POS) terminal comes with a built-in printer. The Nurit 2085 Terminal supports credit, debit, check, electronic benefits transfer (EBT), phone cards and many other electronically submitted transactions. This includes transactions made by the use of Smart Chip Cards.

The Nurit 2085 can radically reduce mechanical malfunction and lower your transaction time, thanks to its built-in, high-speed thermal printer. The use of a thermal printer also eliminates the need for costly ribbon replacement.

You can access every feature of the Nutrit 2085 terminal quickly and easily. The Nurit features four programmable function keys, menu-driven software, and a large, high-contrast alphanumeric LCD display.

Nurit 2085
Nurit 2085 showing Receipt printer.
Nurit 2085
Nurit 2085 Side View
Nurit 2085
Nurit 2085 Front View
Data Sheet
PDF 354k Printable Spec Sheet for the NURIT 2085

Human Interface

32-character back- lit LCD display
Highly reliable 32-key ergonomically designed keypad
4 function keys and 4 soft keys (no template needed)
Alphanumeric entry capability
Standard dual track (1 & 2), dual-directional card reader
User-friendly menu-driven system
Optional built-in PIN pad
Optional smart card reader
Track 2 & 3 card reader available upon request

Powerful 32-bit Motorola microprocessor, type EC68000

Total of 1152 KB (or more) of memory as follows:
1024 KB Flash memory for loader, operationg system, application, protocol and parameters
256KB rechargeable battery backed-up RAM for user data (including RAM disk) - optional 512, and 1024 KB

Fully soft operating system for custom applications
Programming in 'C' language
Complete and detailed built-in software tests
Reprogramming possible by downloading over phone line
Major third-party certification: credit, debit, check (verification and truncation), EBT, phone cards, pre-paid added value, and private label available
User functions secured by password or magnetic cards
Multiple-level password protections Terminal Center ID issued to terminal prevents easy reprogramming by third parties
Clearly distinguishable merchant and consumer receipts
Smart Card Interface (Optional)
One smart card interface (supports ISO-7816)
Eliminates the need for high-cost external devices
Certified by VisaCash™ and Mondex™
SAM Security Module (Up to Four Optional):
Two internally accessible SAMs
Two externally accessible SAMs
Dial-up modem @ 1200& 2400 bps (CCITT V.22bis, Bell 212A)
Synchronous and asynchronous communication protocols supported by operating system
Operating system support for asynchronous protocols (VISA 1 & 2 etc...) and synchronous protocols (HDLC etc...)
Radio Communication:
Built-in radio modem
Built-in radio power supply batteries and charger
Hardware and software solutions for: BellSouth Wireless Data (Mobitex), CDPD Network, and Motorola Data Network (NATIVE protocol)
2 x RJ-11 2/6 connectors for line and telephone
1 x RJ-11 4/4 connector for PIN pad interface (RS-232 port up to 9,600 bps)
RJ-45 connector for general purpose RS-232 port (up to 19,200 bps)
RJ-11 type 4/4 connectors for RS-485 (LAN)
Complies and registered with FCC parts 15 and 68
Size (2085)
9cm high x 15cm wide x 26cm deep
Weight (2085)
2050g - (without paper roll)
Power Supply (2085)
Supplied UL certified AC/DC adaptor 14.5 VDC / 1.5 A
Size (2085U & 2090)
10cm high x 15cm wide x 26cm deep
Weight (2085U & 2090)
(without paper) 2085U (2200g), 2090 (2450g)
Power Supply (2085U & 2090)
Supplied UL certified AC/DC adaptor 15VDC / 2.5 A
Built-in rechargable / replaceable Ni-Cd battery (5 hours or 80 transactions) for stand-alone operation
Optional nickel-metal battery (9 hours or 150 transactions)