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Merchant Virtual Terminal

The Merchant Console Virtual Terminal is the credit card transaction tool that every USA ePay merchant receives in order to process payments conveniently and quickly. The Merchant Console works online with all of the functions of a stand-alone credit card machine in addition to versatile, customizable features.

The Merchant Console is designed to process or void a sale, AuthOnly, PostAuth, credit and more. Essentially, it works exactly like a traditional machine, except it’s all done easily and safely online.

Accessibility and Security

Online processing provides mobility and accessibility unrivaled by traditional credit card machines. This virtual merchant console allows the merchant to process a sale from any computer with Internet access. From anywhere in the world at any time, you can safely make transactions.

The Merchant Console is Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliant and operates with maximum security in mind. Only the greatest 1024-bit SSL Digital ID encryption is used for all sale processing and exceeds all minimum industry standards.

Generating Reports

Creating accurate and updated reports is essential for any business. The Merchant Console allows you to view and print a variety of necessary reports. Since all transactions are recorded from the beginning of the account, merchants are able to view an entire processing history or simply select a window of time to view. Reports include charts and graphs which make analyzing transactions easy. Custom reports can be effortlessly generated and then downloaded for email or print.


Straightforward Customer Billing

The Merchant Console comes complete with a Customer Billing Database which allows merchants to generate and maintain auto-billing for their customers. You can choose when and how often your customers are billed. It allows customers to pay in installments and organizes everything easily without the need for additional software.


Batch Uploading

The Batch Uploader of the Merchant Console allows for easy batch uploading. Whether you wish to upload a file with just a few transactions or wish you upload thousands, the Batch Uploader is designed for any merchant who prefers to upload batches of transactions at a time rather than process or authorize in real-time. Uploaded files are supported in multiple formats and are processed without keying in one transaction at a time.


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