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QuickBooks Integration

QuickbooksMerchant Virtual Terminal
Finding accounting software that seamlessly integrates well with your other software, wireless systems and merchant accounts isn’t always easy. However, now QuickBooks® can easily be used to professionally and effortlessly make transactions.

Collecting data from a wide variety of sources, including multiple software programs, can be a challenge and cause disorganization. This problem can cause diminished customer service or poor management assessments based on incomplete financial or customer data. However, incorporating a professional, well organized accounting system into your business model can improve the overall quality and profitability of your business operations.

Fi-Soft Merchant Edition
This cohesive business tool can process transactions from credit cards or e-checks and works directly within QuickBooks® for invoices, receipts and voids.  Highly functional PayGuard® technology removes the need to collect secure and sensitive checking account or credit card information, adding a level of enhanced security. Easily e-mail invoices and collect payments on your unique, branded business payment page. Match payments to invoices with one click in your QuickBooks® software. Highly skilled accounting and financial software professionals developed Fi-Soft Merchant Edition to be an effortless tool for converging accounting system methods with payment processing.


Fi-Soft Merchant Edition is:

  • An easy to use program that is quickly setup and functional in minutes
  • Automatically integrated with QuickBooks® accounting software data
  • Matched with unparallel product support from Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors® for peace of mind use
  • Designed to be a complete business solution tool

Accessibility and Security
Online processing provides mobility and accessibility unrivaled by traditional credit card machines. This virtual merchant console allows the merchant to process a sale from any computer with Internet access. From anywhere in the world at any time, you can safely make transactions.

Fi-SoftThe Fi-Soft Merchant Edition is Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliant and operates with maximum security in mind. Only the greatest 1024-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Digital ID encryption is used for all sale processing and exceeds all minimum industry standards.

Safety and security are maintained through each transaction process. All data sent from the software to the USA ePay gateway is properly encrypted and always passes through a SSL. No private information can be compromised and the software never keeps any credit card or checking account data. Thus, all of your transaction processing meets Visa® / MasterCard® stpandards.

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